The club has 20 acre 'Walk in the Woods' Archery Range. Offering a fully certified National Field Archery Association 28 Target course, as well as Olympic Style targets, 3-D Animal targets, Practice Range with tree-stand and broad-head target.

Public Use

The Archery Facilities are not open to the public. Shooting Instructors are available for lessons to non-members and members.

Archery at Durham County Wildlife Club

From very meager beginnings, interest in archery has steadily increased at DCWC. Where once a single bale of hay served as a backstop for the occasional archer, there is now a national level, certified field course, complete with a multi-target practice range. Walk through the woods to shoot the 28 target Field Range, several 3-D animals are placed for another popular archery game.

Although only field points are allowed on the range there is a practice area with back-stops for broad-head points to sight in for hunting. All levels from Beginners to Expert can enjoy archery games of their choice.

Check the DCWC events calendar for upcoming shoots held during throughout the year. The focus of archery at DCWC is for Family Fun, come on out and enjoy one of the premier archery facilities on the east coast.

Interested persons may contact Joe Rozmus for more information. e-mail 919-468-7115

In 2020, DCWC will be hosting a tournament series with the NCFAA. (2020 Tournament Schedule)

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