How to Join the Durham County Wildlife Club

Applications for new memberships are welcome from individuals age 18 or older. Club membership includes the primary applicant's family (spouse and dependent children) and is renewed annually at the end of the calendar year.

Application Procedure (Covid-19 Revised)

  1. Complete the New Member Application form (PDF).
  2. Mail the application to the Club (3616 Hopson Road, Morrisville, NC 27560).  DO NOT SEND CASH OR A CHECK WITH THE APPLICATION.
  3. The Club is operating the Safety course on an invitation basis at this time due to Covid-19.  Bring your check with you to the Safety Class.  DO NOT MAIL THE CHECK.
  4. The basic new member Safety Class takes an hour or so to complete. At this time, please do not bring any family members to the Safety Class.
  5. If you plan to use the pistol range you should plan on staying for the additional Pistol Safety class which immediately follows the basic session and adds roughly another hour.

COVID-19 Update: Safety Classes are only given on an invitation basis.  Please do not show up without being invited to the class.

Safety Classes are given in the main building every month on the first Sunday of the month at 1 PM and the following Wednesday evening at 7 PM.  See the club Calendar for specific dates.  New members may join from February through November.

Before deciding to join, please visit the club during hours when the gate is open to the public on Saturdays 11 AM-3 PM and Sundays 1 PM-5 PM.

Come into the Shop, introduce yourself and ask for a tour.

Please note that the club gate may be closed to non-members over major holiday weekends and after Christmas through 1 March.

The Shop is open during the times when the gate is open and the club available to public Visitors.  The Shop telephone number is 919-544-1306.

Membership Fees

The Durham County Wildlife Club has annual dues plus a one-time initiation fee of $325 (except for full-time college students). When joining you will pay the initiation fee plus a prorated annual fee. The table below shows the total initial payments for new members.

Credit cards are not accepted. Please bring cash or check. 


Joining dates Family
Jan 1 - Mar 31
Initiation fee plus full year dues
Apr 1 - Jun 30 $460 $400 $135 Initiation fee plus prorated dues
Jul 1 - Sep 30 $415 $375 $90 Initiation fee plus prorated dues
Oct 1 - Dec 31 $545 $450 $220 Initiation fee plus prorated dues
for following year
Subsequent years $175 $100 $175 Must pay by posted
date in January



(1) Family is defined as parents and children under 21 living in the same household as of January 1 of the dues year.

(2) Seniors are defined as age 65 as of January 1 of the dues year.

(3) College students are not included in a family membership and are enrolled full-time. They are exempt from the initiation fee until they are no longer enrolled full-time.

Download the New Member Application Form.