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This page is a summary of some of the most important club rules. Note that these points are not all-inclusive, and they do not supersede the safety or venue rules.

Safety First!

  • Wear your badge at the club
  • Eye and ear protection are required at all firearms venues
  • On pistol range, no centerfire rifles and no pistol rounds larger than .50
  • No shotgun shells with shot larger than 7 ½
  • Keep shotguns unloaded and visibly open except when shooting
  • Concealed carry allowed, but no open carry

Club Website and Contact Info

Committee Members

  • One of the best benefits of the club is the ability to use the club off-hours.
  • To do so, you must be a committee member and commit to performing duties 3-4 times per year.
  • You can ask for a given committee, but assignments are made based on openings
  • A partial list of committees is shown below
General Grounds Skeet Trap Clays Pistol
Safety Class
Shop Duty
Trash & Cleaning
Skeet Certification
Skeet Duty
Skeet Target Movement
Skeet House Duty
Skeet Shoots
Trap Certification
Trap Duty
Trap Target Movement
Trap Shoots
Clays Certification
Clays Duty
Clays Target Movement
Clays Maintenance
Clays Shoots
Pistol Live Fire Certification
Pistol Coaches
Pistol Duty
Pistol Maintenance
Pistol Shoots


Club Hours and Fees

The club has open and off-hours periods

  • Open hours are in March - December on Saturdays 11 am - 3pm and Sundays 1-5 pm
  • Payment for venues uses tokens, available in the shop or from the token machine
  • Members pay 1 token per shotgun round, and 1 token per day for pistol and archery.
  • Non-committee members shooting shotgun during off-hours may shoot only as a guest and must pay 2 tokens per round.
  • Guests pay 2 tokens per shotgun round, and 2 tokens per day for pistol and archery.

During open hours:

  • The entry gate and shop are open
  • Non-committee members can use the shooting venues
  • Visitors may enter the club without a member host
  • Pay the range officer at each venue

During off-hours:

  • The entry gate is closed, and you must use the code to open it
  • Wear your badge indicating your committee status
  • Sign in first before shooting
  • Pay first for pistol and archery, and after shooting for shotgun
  • Clean up and close up when done
  • Non-committee members shooting shotgun during off-hours may shoot only as a guest and must pay 2 tokens per round.
  • No shooting is allowed after 10:00 PM, nor before 7:00 AM.

Certifications and Training

  • Individual certifications are required for pistol, archery, skeet, trap and clays.
  • These certifications will be marked on your badge.
  • All the shotgun training starts with Shotgun 101 for everyone.
  • See schedule on Club Calendar and sign up if necessary
  • Note that the pistol certification requires a live fire test with one and only one attempt. Get training if you are in doubt!
  • Some venues such as archery also run introductory sessions

Club Events and Benefits

Monitor the Club Calendar, Member News (login required) and club emails to learn about events such as:

  • Competitions in skeet, trap, archery
  • Annual member's day in November with elections, picnic and free shooting
  • Pond stocked with trout in November
  • Meet and greet dinners during the summer
  • Women on Target 
  • Youth leagues and events
  • FFL transfers