New Member

This page is a summary of some of the most important club rules. Note that these points are not all-inclusive, and they do not supersede the safety or venue rules.

Safety First!

  • Wear your badge at the club
  • Eye and ear protection are required at all firearms venues
  • On pistol range, no centerfire rifles or pistol rounds larger than .50
  • No shotgun shells with shot larger than 7 ½
  • Keep shotguns unloaded and visibly open except when shooting
  • Concealed carry allowed, but no open carry

Club Website and Contact Info

Committee Members

  • One of the best benefits of the club is the ability to use the club off-hours.
  • To do so, you must be a committee member and commit to performing duties 3-4 times per year.
  • Examples include staffing the shop, running shooting venues during open hours, maintenance activities, etc. See the club website for a list of committees.
  • You can ask for a given committee, but assignments are made based on openings

Club Hours and Fees

The club has open and off-hours periods

  • Open hours are in March - December on Saturdays 11 am - 3pm and Sundays 1-5 pm
  • Payment for venues uses tokens, $2.50 each, available in shop or from token machine
  • Members pay 1 token per shotgun round, and 1 token per day for pistol and archery.
  • Non-committee members shooting shotgun during off-hours may shoot only as a guest and must pay 2 tokens per round.
  • Guests pay 2 tokens per shotgun round, and 2 tokens per day for pistol and archery.

During open hours:

  • The entry gate and shop are open
  • Non-committee members can use the shooting venues
  • Visitors may enter the club without a member host
  • Pay the range officer at each venue

During off-hours:

  • The entry gate is closed, and you must use the code to open it
  • Wear your badge indicating your committee status
  • Sign in first before shooting
  • Pay first for pistol and archery, and after shooting for shotgun
  • Clean up and close up when done
  • Non-committee members shooting shotgun during off-hours may shoot only as a guest and must pay 2 tokens per round.
  • No shooting is allowed after 10:00 PM, nor before 7:00 AM.

Certifications and Training

  • Individual certifications are required for pistol, archery, skeet, trap and clays.
  • These certifications will be marked on your badge.
  • All of the shotgun training starts with Shotgun 101 for everyone.
  • See schedule on Club Calendar and sign up if necessary
  • Note that the pistol certification requires a live fire test with one and only one attempt. Get training if you are in doubt!
  • Some venues such as archery run introductory archery sessions

Club Events

Monitor the Club Calendar, Member News (login required) and club emails to learn about events such as:

  • Competitions in skeet, trap, archery
  • Annual member's day in November with elections, picnic and free shooting
  • Pond stocked with trout in November
  • Meet and greet dinners during the summer
  • Women on Target 
  • Youth leagues and events