How do I login to the Member Only section of the website?

  • The “Login” link under Members in the top menu.
  • You will be asked for a “Username” and a “Password”.
  • Username = dcwc
  • Password = 2021 Gate Code

The Username and Password are case sensitive so they will need to be entered in lower case. For the password do not type in “Gate Code”, you should enter the code to the club front gates for this year.

NOTE: Cookies must be enabled for this site in order to login.

I have forgotten my password for the DCWC Forum. How do I retrieve it?

To retrieve your forum password click “Forum” under Members at the top of the web page.

In the menu that appears click “Member Forum”.

Click the “Login” link above the username. See below for a screenshot.

Forum FAQ1

On the new page that appears click “I forgot my password”.

Follow the onscreen instructions to have your password mailed to you.