Get ready for the 2015 Winter season of indoor kids’ archery!

Indoor archery will once again be offered on Thursday evenings during January, February, and March at 7PM and again at 8PM beginning January 8. Things are changing up a little this season to make the experience fun for all and so we can focus on quality shooting time.

The first two Thursdays will be set aside for general safety instruction, a separate “what to expect” for beginners, and the yearly “qualifications”… for those of you who have been coming for years, this will be relatively quick and easy. As the remaining time allows each night, we will divide into groups of four to get a few ends in for the night.

A couple of the rules…
1) follow the direction of the range safety officer at all times
2) arrows on bows are ALWAYS pointed down range
3) no horseplay when not shooting… be courteous to other archers when they are at the firing line
4) all arrows must hit the target bale. If you miss the bale, you will be done for the year. Being indoors, we must be safe
6) sign in on arrival so we can keep an accurate count of participation to notify the membership and board how great this is!
7) oh, and HAVE FUN!

If you have your own equipment, feel free to bring it. We do have a small selection of left- and right-hand Genesis bows and a few other smaller bows. Arrows are provided, as well as some protective equipment.

Qualification consists of putting three arrows of a five-arrow end into the red or yellow rings of the target face at a distance of about a yard. Once this is accomplished, the same requirement is made at a distance of about 3 yards. After successfully completing this, you will be marked as qualified for the 2015 indoor season and can have the bale placed at any distance you feel comfortable shooting (this does not qualify you for outdoor archery.) This is not as easy as it sounds as the arrow doesn’t get any time to stabilize before reaching the target. It does, however, demonstrate control that is needed to be safe.

Another change this season is an extension of the shooting time by 30 minutes; however, we want to limit the two one-hour sessions to 12 archers each. This will give us three groups of four archers to rotate through shooting. We also want to be fair about giving all archers a chance to participate, so we are using an online sign-up system. (opens in a new window). The indoor archery committee reserves the right to reschedule you if there are archers not getting a chance to sign-up… we are very happy to see the participation level increase over the previous years. We hope it continues and that we have to beg the board of directors for more space!

If you have any questions on the program, please contact Greg Parrott, Email is the best method of contact for him.