Fishing Facilities:  The club has has an eleven acre lake which is stocked with bass and crappie. For general enjoyment, the lake area is complete with a covered shelter, several picnic tables, and barbecue grills. Although no power boats are allowed, members may fish from their own boats or the shore.

Public Use:  The Fishing Facilities are not open to the public.

Fishing at Durham County Wildlife Club

It’s hard to believe, but some members of Durham County Wildlife club don’t even own a gun. Yet year after year, they renew their memberships. Why? The lake.

The lake is about ten acres in surface area, which is about ten percent of the total club property. It is an excellent resource, allowing club members and their families an great place to fish in a scenic, safe, and relaxing surrounding. There are several picnic tables, some covered, all with barbeque pits.

The lake is well stocked with large mouth bass, blue gills, and shell crackers. There are a few crappies and warmouth, which are considered undesirables. There are also a few triploid grass carps, which were put in to control aquatic weeds.

One can use all manners of tackle for fishing at the lake. Natural bait including live baits (crickets and worms) always work well. No minnows, please. Artificial with spinning and casting tackle work well too. Recently, fly fishing at the lake has become very popular.

While motorized watercrafts are not allowed, many members use canoes, belly boats, kick boats, and even waders. However, good fishing can be had fishing from the bank.

Members are encouraged to harvest all bream (blue gills, warmouth, crappies, etc) even if they are very small. Most members practice “catch and release”. But there is no harm in harvesting an occasional bass for your own consumption. There are a few bass in the lake over thirty inches long. If you’re lucky enough to tie into one of those, take a picture and release. Give another member a thrill to remember!

Last year, over 1,000 channel catfish were released into the lake. Between now and next summer, please catch and release. Give them time to grow. Feel free to harvest in moderation.

Our lake is professionally managed, and maintained by Lake Committee volunteers. Members dues pay for fish stocked, as well as literally TONS of chemicals added to keep them healthy and growing. The result is a valuable aquatic resource for all club members. Best of all, fishing pressure is exceedingly light. It’s quite a place to introduce your children or grandchildren to this great sport.

DCWC Lake Brochure (updated Nov. 2014)

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